Metal Business Cards

Choose from one of eight appealing colors: Stainless Steel, Matte Balck, Gold, Rose Gold, Copper, Gun Metal, White, and Iridescent. Each business card is designed to take your boldness to the next level. LUX Metal Business cards represent luxury, class, and style. Just holding one is enough to invoke a feeling of strength and dependability–terms any business would like synonymous with their brand.

Metal Event Passes

The Practice Machine Transparent Gold Event Pass

When it comes to a business conference or special event, credibility is everything. Forget about those cheap plastic placards. Stainless steel badges will let your guests know that this even required considerable planning and execution. At a weight of only around 1 oz and worn around the neck, they are hardly noticeable from a traditional lanyard placard. With a variety of color options, you can choose to offer VIP’s and other groups specialty passes. Along with elevating your next event, our Metal Event Passes also serve as a memorable keepsake.

We’ll Design it for you.

Is your business in need of a logo? Let our design team do the heavy lifting. We can deliver a new logo complete with branded metal cards to match.


Are you looking to form meaningful and lasting client relationships? Consider sending a hand-written message on a custom-designed LUX Metal Thank You card. In the days of constant emails and texting, a physical, hand-written note is sure to cut through all the noise. Now imagine that note on metal, and you’ll have yourself a real attention-grabbing winner. Whether it’s for personal or professional use, the recipient won’t just smile because you appreciated their efforts but will be surprised by the gesture too. It’s not everyday one receives an actual metal thank your card!

Mosaic Transparent Stainless Steel Metal Thank You Note

Lux Metal Card