Uniques events require a unique touch

When planning an upscale event, every detail matters. Few event details will create as much buzz or attention as your Lux Metal Cards. Your guests will take note of the attention to detail.


Your special day deserves to be memorable. From “Save the Date” cards to custom wedding invitations, Lux Metal Cards are bound to make a splash among your invited guests.

Nightclub & VIP

A high-end price tag should earn special treatment. Give your valued clientele a truly VIP experience with custom bottle service menus and entry passes.

Hotels & Clubs

The applications for Lux Metal Cards are endless. Our cards can be fitted with an RFID chip for hotel room keys, or a magnetic strip for club membership cards.

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  • This date is critical. Due to the complexity of production of your Lux Metal Cards, we are not able to offer any shipping shorter than three weeks.

Lux Metal Card