White Lux Metal Cards

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White Lux Metal Cards


We are happy to announce the launch of our newest color option: WHITE Lux Metal Cards. From business cards to wedding invitations, White Lux Metal Cards are now our flagship offering. The matte white finish offers a soft and luxurious hand-feel. The bright white color means nearly every brand’s logo “pops” very nicely. Also, there’s one more huge benefit: no fingerprints!

White Metal Business Card


This matte white finish is 100% Fingerprint resistant.

White Matte Metal Business Card
White Matte Metal Business Card

Addtional Features.

  • Extra Colors – We can add as many screen printed colors as you like. No matter what your brand color palette might be, we can match it!
  • Variable Data – Are you bulk ordering cards for an entire team? Looking to personalize each card with client names or membership numbers? All we’ll need is an Excel file with the data, and we’ll ensure each card is unique and accurate
  • Magnetic strips – By simply adding a HiCo or LoCo magnetic strip to the back, any Black LUX Metal Card can be turned into a gift card or membership pass.
Metal Business Cards

It’s worth it.

Traditional business cards are a dime-a-dozen, flimsy, and certainly not memorable. It’s time to create a bond between your brand, prospective clients, and business partners with a LUX Metal Business Card.

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Lux Metal Card