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Back to Basics: Metal Thank You Notes

It feels like only yesterday we were shaking hands and handing out our business cards at events. Things have changed quite a bit since then. Social gatherings have been put on hold, and the networking and handshakes that go along with them. But what can you do right now to keep you or your business on your client’s mind? How can you make an impression from afar?

Lux Metal Card offers a variety of business cards, event passes, and thank you notes. But while we’re all abstaining from groups and travel, thank you notes are a perfect way to let someone know that you’re thinking of them—whether that’s a family member, friend, or client.  

Thank you notes not only help you stand out and foster connections but improve your mood and physical health. Yes, you read that right. Gratitude improves both your physical and psychological health according to Psychology Today. Simply put, grateful people experience fewer aches and pains and are more likely to take care of themselves. So not only are you making the person receiving your note happy, but you’re also helping to improve your own health and mindset. 

So what small token is more appropriate in a time when we’re not physically connecting in the ways we used to? Thank you notes are the perfect idea for family and friends as well as business connections. Lux Metal Card offers thank you notes in stainless steel, matte black, rose gold, and gold. Each card can be personalized to best suit the purpose, with logos, text, and colors. Brighten someone’s day with and let them know you’re on their mind. 

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