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This Transformer Star Breaks The Mold With Metal Business Cards

Making an impression is something that every business person strives for. Business cards are a perfect way to impress and network with other professionals. So it should come as no surprise that celebrities value a well made card like the rest of us. Including Tyrese Gibson.

Yup. THAT Tyrese Gibson.

The actor and R&B artist known for his roles in the Transformers and Fast & Furious series needed a card for his production company Voltron. It needed to match his larger-than-life personality, and if you’ve seen his home, you know what we’re talking about. The seasoned actor didn’t pull any punches, custom making one of the most unique cards Lux has ever seen.

The rose gold and black card features a bright red logo, creating an eccentric aesthetic. The black finish also boasts a custom etching, creating a carbon-fiber look. With cut corners and unique shape, the card is truly one of a kind.]

Lux Metal Card offers a number of options to give you the best card, that is 100% yours. Reach out today to customize your dream card! LUX Metal Invitations.