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Auto Industry Professionals: 3 Ways to Create Strong Brand Loyalty

In an industry where brand loyalty is so important, failing to exceed customer expectations can’t leave your brand behind the competition. Whether you represent an auto manufacturer, dealership, or independent service shop, customer service and memorable customer experiences are the ticket to long term success. Lux Metal Card is here to offer you not one, not two, but three different ways that you leave a lasting impression.]

    1. Metal Thank You Notes

We covered LUX Metal Thank You Notes in a recent blog, which you can check out here. But the gist was that sending thank you notes, whether for a personal or professional relationship, makes an impression. Showing gratitude and professionalism even after the consumer’s made the purchase will not only benefit your reputation in their minds, but increases your chances of them returning to you. Plus, with the nuisance of constant texts and emails, who doesn’t love getting a genuine thank you card in the mail? Our metal thank you notes come in a variety of colors, and allow for personalization. In addition to customizable cards, you can also hand write notes on the metal, allowing for an extra touch that goes a long way! Each client is different, so why wouldn’t they receive a unique note?

    1. Metal Business Cards

Business cards still have their place and not having one certainly makes you look less legitimate. It’s a key component of networking. But if you’re in the business of moving metal, why hand out  flimsy piece of paper as your card? Lux Metal Business Cards are fully customizable, right down to the thickness of the steel—choose from 0.5 mm, 0.8 mm, or even 1.0 mm for an extra heavy duty feel. You can create a business card that genuinely represents you and your brand.

    1. Membership/Loyalty Cards

This is ideal for businesses that will be revisited, so this is ideal for places like automotive service shops. Not only will your customers feel like they’re part of an elite club, but it’s great marketing for your business. Lux is also able to offer metal cards with barcodes, magnetic stips, and even variable QR codes, which we recently did for Curbstand. Each Curbastand card not only has a unique QR code, but the client’s name, member number, and were shipped directly to their home. Talk about making each member feel like a VIP!

So whether you’re a bigwig for an automotive brand, a salesperson at a dealership, or an owner of a repair shop, Lux Metal Card has the tools to create superb client experiences.