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Business Cards Aren’t Dead

In the dawn of the digital age and social media, is it possible that the traditional business card is dead? Gen-Xer’s will recall the iconic scene from American Psycho when Christian Bale and his Wall Street buddies one-up each other’s business cards with “eggshell” and watermarks. 

When LinkedIn and your online footprint serves as your “resume”, where do business cards fit into the equation? Although professionals are choosing not to use the traditional method of sharing contact information, it doesn’t mean going cardless is preferred across the board. [

“There are top-level CEOs still have Rolodexes on their desks”, says Susan RoAne, speaker and best-selling author of How to Work a Room. Executives and business owners don’t want to sift through your digital footprint to find ways to connect. Instead, they want a direct line to you, and that’s what your business card provides. There is something to be said for the impact of handing someone your business card, especially when asked. Attending a networking event and being asked for a business card only to answer, “I don’t use those anymore” comes across as unprofessional and unprepared. 

Now we definitely aren’t advocating for a boring “crushed eggshell” paper card from the 1980s. Instead, view your business card as a statement piece. Because that’s exactly what you’re doing when you hand it to someone—making a statement. If it’s cheap, flimsy, and boring, what kind of statement are you making?

You don’t need to change your method of networking, but you do need to find a card you’re confident presenting (and one that accurately shows your line of work). When designing your card, it should serve its basic purpose—having a card that doesn’t include your contact information is kind of defeating the point. At the same time, it’s worth investing the dollars to do it the right way and stand out from the crowd. 

Lux Metal Business Cards give you the best of both worlds. Combining weight, texture, and design to give you a card no one will forget. Business cards serve as a physical reminder of your line of work and how to get a hold of you. But while traditional business cards can get damaged and bent, metal cards keep their appearance basically forever. Oh, and most importantly, your card won’t end up in the client’s trash can.

Ready to design your business card? Explore your options here LUX Metal Business Cards.