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Why Thickness Matters

If you’re going to make a great first impression, why not go all-the-way? While you may have your design and color picked, another essential aspect is the thickness of the card itself. LUX Metal Cards offers 0.5mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, and 1.5mm. Adding additional thickness to your metal business cards is not just cosmetic, it has a number of practical applications.

The standard 0.5mm is the lightest card we provide because it allows for a solid feel but without being flimsy. The 0.8mm size is similar to the thickness of a credit card. If your card is going to have a practical application (such as a member’s card or a card that will swipe), we recommend going with 0.8 mm. It’ll feel great in the hands of a client and also have longevity. Looking to make your clients feel extra special? When dropped on a table, the 1.0mm thickness is the difference between a “dink” and a “thud”. Our largest offering, 1.5mm, is for heavy-hitters. While this size works with business cards, it’s better suited as thank you’s, VIP cards, and even bottle openers! 

If you’re curious about card thickness and what works best for you – you can order a sample package with cards of different thickness, finish, and etching. LUX Metal Cards brings your ideas to life with 100% satisfaction!

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