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One Simple Way to Elevate Your Next Event

Any event planning professional will tell you: details matter. From the invitations and agenda, to the program and refreshments, no matter how great the speakers are, it seems that attendees tend to dwell on the details. Was there enough food and coffee? How was the room temperature? Does the venue reflect the caliber of the event? Pulling off a great event requires spinning many plates at once.

Our team at Lux Metal Card would like to introduce you to one simple way to elevate the impact of your next event: Metal Event Passes.

Are those plastic placards really doing anything for you?

You’ve spared no expense: the venue is stellar, the room decorated, and the tables are set. And then you’re guests arrive at the check in table and are handed a piece of paper wrapped in plastic to pin to their shirt or flop around their neck. Does this really scream “Wow, what an entrance”? Maybe it’s time to try something different.]At Lux Metal Card, we love hearing stories from our satisfied clients. It’s why we do what we do. Take Greg Reid, creator of the exclusive networking event Secret Knock. Greg’s mission with Secret Knock is not just to create a networking opportunities, but instead to truly “WOW” his attendees. Enter: Lux Metal Event Passes. We’re told from the moment guests entered the event, they were buzzing over the event passes. Now that’s a way to set the stage.

Treat your VIPs like VIPs.

Does your event have different levels of attendees? Consider getting a variety of colors to reflect the different levels. Tristan Bond, founder of Practice Acceleration, an event designed to help medical practices accelerate their results, chose selected three different colors to reflect different event packages. A simple way to make sure your VIPs feel like VIPs.

It’s worth it.

With all of the time, money, and resources put towards any great event, why not consider leading off the event with an event pass that makes a real splash. Starting at only $3 per pass, we can’t think of a simpler way to help your guests feel important. 

Before your next event Check out our event passes today