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Making a Great First Impression

…And how to make it last.

It’s widely known that today’s business climate is more about “WHO you know” rather than “WHAT you know.” It’s indisputable that relationships matter more than ever and leaving the right impression makes a difference. We’ve all met that person that immediately connects with you at a high level. You finish a two-minute conversation and think, “Wow, they are impressive!”. Some people are just naturally this way, but if you’re thinking, “That’s not me,” then here’s a simple, systematic approach that anyone can replicate:]

1. Listen for Their Name

In “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, Dale Carnegie says that a person’s name is to that person “the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” So the last thing we should do is forget it. But we’ve all done it. “Hi, I’m James, and you are?” And as they respond, you are deep in thought about what to say next. Result: you forgot their name because you never really heard it in the first place. Instead try this: listen for their name, and then immediately use it several times your next statement. “John? Hi, John, nice to meet you. So John, what does your business do?” Now at first, that might feel awkward. Saying their name three times within seconds of hearing it. But in reality, the more the other person hear’s their name, the more likable you become. And what’s most important about repeating their name? You won’t forget it.]

2. Body Language Matters

Research shows that a majority of communication is non-verbal, rather than verbal. Body language matters. A limp handshake signals a lack of confidence, but a “death-grip” conveys a need for dominance and prevents genuine connection. Creating a lasting impression is all about connecting with the other person. Make sure your posture backs that up. Lean in, rather than slouching backward; leaning in shows interest. Using head nods and eye contact shows you are an active listener and clients want to do business with somebody that listens to their needs.]

3. Ask Questions that Show Genuine Interest

The quickest way to get someone to like you (and remember you) is to show genuine interest in them. Ask questions about the passions they have. It’s easy to see when they are passionate about something. Their eyes light up. The pace of their speech increases. They use voice inflection. Watch for those cues. The more they talk, and the more you listen, the more of a lasting impression you’ll leave. Throughout the conversation pepper in things that you have in common. Show them you can relate, but make sure that they get to do most of the talking.

4. Have a business card that makes a real impression

Business owners, entrepreneurs, and salespeople spend vast sums of time and money just to get clients’ attention. And after all that, they hand the customer a flimsy, paper business card. Instead, go for a WOW factor, which leaves a lasting impression. Lux Metal Card offers high quality, metal business cards that are fully customizable. There’s real shock value in getting handed a uniquely designed, metal business card. Clients don’t throw it out like typical paper cards. Instead, they hold on to it, and that leads to future business.

5. Send a note of appreciation

These days it’s rare to get a physical thank you note. But as much as we try, a text or email just doesn’t seem to create the same feeling. Sending a personalized note to people you interact with is without a doubt the best way to stand out in today’s noisy, crowded business climate. Lux Metal Card also offers metal Thank You notes that help you elevate your appreciation game. Imagine the feeling the client gets when they open their mail (mostly just filled with junk mail and utility bills) to find a beautifully designed, hand-written metal plate. Now that’s a way to guarantee repeat business.