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Business Cards for 2017

Investing in the Right Metal Business Cards for 2017

Choosing the right business card isn’t something you shouldn’t pay attention to. As a business owner, whether small or big, you need to realize that your business card is the first thing that helps get your name out there. Such a card is your first line of communication with prospective clients. And as every business person has a card to hand out; you need to do what you can to be different. Traditional business cards aren’t going to cut it anymore. With their impressive durability and unique design, a metal business card is your safest bet to leave a positive and memorable impression.

But you need to realize that times have changed. It’s all about who can stand out the best. With numerous businesses popping up every day, the competition has never been this fierce. Wouldn’t you like to do something different and have an edge in the business world? Of course, you do!

LUX Metal Cards offers an entire range of business cards that are sure to leave a lasting impression on potential clients. Why go for metal business cards? Let’s find out!

1. Durable

The first thing you’ll notice about metal business cards is that they are far durable than traditional cardboard or paper cards. The stainless steel make allows the cards to not only be resistant to water but also retain their original shape regardless of being a little bent when being carried around in a pocket or a bag.

2. Don’t lose color

Traditional professional cards end up losing their shine and color with time. But with metal business cards you don’t have to worry about any of that. The professional grade stainless steel make ensures that your cards are as good as new months and even years down the line.

3. It is all about impact

When it comes to businesses, it’s all about who’s able to leave a lasting impression. When trying to decide between you and your competitor, a potential client will select the one he or she remembers.

Put yourself in the shoes of your ideal client for a while. Imagine that you have two or even more business cards in front of you. Only one out of all the cards is made of metal. Would you select to work with the organization that has the metal card or pick one of the traditional cards? You’ll be tempted to select the business with the metal card because:

  • Shows uniqueness: Having a metal business card tells a potential client that the said business isn’t afraid to take risks and be different. It also indicates that the business organization or professional has a ‘unique’ take on things, which then helps support the notion that they’ll someone to rely on.
  • Shows worth: Selecting a metal business helps to show a client their worth. Anyone can go ahead and print thousands of traditional paper cards. However, with a metal business card, a professional is making a statement. This also helps a potential client to feel worthwhile. They feel that a business took the time to print out metal cards and thus instill a bit of positivity in a client’s self-worth.

4. A great return on investment

Another reason why you should opt for metal business cards is due to the return on investment. Being able to win over potential clients just for $2 sounds great, right? That’s exactly when having metal business cards helps you to achieve. Unlike traditional paper cards, people just won’t throw away metal cards. Furthermore, a metal business card also makes for an engaging conversation. When someone talks about your metal business cards to someone else, that leads to free promotion for your profession which can then lead to more clients.

LUX Metal Cards Offer What You’re Looking For

LUX Metal Cards is more than capable of providing premium metal business cards to help elevate your business to the next level. Select the color and design you want and allow LUX Metal Cards to produce the best metal business cards on the market.

Don’t hesitate to make a change. A metal business card has what it takes to leave lasting impressions that are sure to grow your profits in the long run.